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What are the Most Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Getting hurt at work is never pleasant, but it can also result in long-term physical, mental, and financial consequences. Although most employers institute safety rules and practices, people still get hurt on the job all the time. Some of the most common workers’ compensation injuries include:


Lacerations are when your delicate skin tissue is torn, punctured, or cut by a sharp object. These types of injuries can happen at just about any job in any industry, but they are more common in construction, manufacturing, food processing, and restaurants. Workers can avoid lacerations by wearing proper protective gear, such as special gloves.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains affect ligaments, muscles, and tendons. When overexerting yourself, muscles, ligaments, or tendons become stretched or torn, which causes a lot of pain. Falling, twisting, lifting, and reaching can cause sprains and strains. The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) provides workplace safety tips for avoiding these types of injuries.


Contusions are bad bruises caused by blood trapped under the skin’s surface. These injuries can happen when a worker runs into something, an object falls on them, or collide with another person or piece of equipment.


Burns of all types (fire, electricity, steam, chemicals, radiation, sunlight/heat) occur in the workplace. Some can be very severe, and many are avoidable with proper equipment. Industries, where burns are more common, are production warehouses, manufacturing, and restaurants.


Fractures and broken bones are another common workers’ compensation injuries. They can happen after a fall, lifting heavy equipment, or overuse of a specific body part. Following safety protocols can help you avoid broken bones. There is even safety equipment, like back and body braces to prevent injuries like these.

Eye Injuries

Another serious workplace injury is to the eyes. Unless employees wear safety goggles and take other precautions, their eyes could be burned, irritated, or physically injured. Eye and face protection is critical in hazardous environments.

Where to Turn for Help with Your Workers’ Compensation Case

These are just some of the most common workplace injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance requires you to file notices and claims within a specific timeline. Often, these types of cases get complicated quickly. Sometimes employers deny legitimate claims, and employees suffer from their injuries and cannot get the benefits due to them.

A denied workers’ compensation claim can be frustrating and disappointing. Contact Barry Stein today for help with your workers’ compensation case. We have years of experience helping other employees, just like you,  get the benefits which are deserved and required.

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