Accidents at Work (Workers’ Compensation): What Can You Do When Your Back is Injured at Work?


I work doing mostly heavy manual labor. I injured my back lifting a load. I told my supervisor immediately. He told me not to file a claim and to continue to work. I tried, but I find working to be increasingly difficult. I feel the pain in my back every day. I need to consult with a doctor and do not know what to do.


First, you did well to notify your supervisor of your problem immediately after the injury.

Second, as you have not improved, you should insist that your employer or the personnel department refer you to a doctor or clinic as soon as possible. If this does not happen, you can reach out to them both via a letter requesting medical care. If they still do not provide the name of a clinic or a doctor, look for your company’s workers’ compensation poster containing the information of the insurance company. You can report your injury and get medical care directly.

Third, if you do not want to personally contact the insurance company and your employer still does not provide the name of a clinic or doctor, then you need a workers’ compensation attorney like us to handle this request on your behalf.

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