Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Personal injury law is rooted in the law of negligence. Negligence is the failure of a person or entity to use that degree of care as the community would otherwise expect. If the negligence or failure to use due care causes injury, then claims may be made for those damages or injuries.

The firm represents individuals who get injured in slip & falls; trip & falls; while driving or as a passenger in a motor vehicle or other motorized vehicle including buses, motorcycles, trucks, etc; as a customer of a store or facility open to the public in general and injured by some third party or some object, like a door or cart; traumatic injuries caused by falling debris or items which become airborne; dog bites or encounters; claims against public entities for their negligence; and due to the negligence of professionals.

Death or wrongful death is also an area of law the firm handles as well. The death can be the immediate result of someone=s negligence or the final result which occurs after some period of time.

Individuals injured while working may also be entitled to pursue a negligence claim as described above.

Words can cause harm too and if actionable are covered by an area of law called defamation.