Most Common Worker Injuries in the Summer Months

Summer is synonymous with fun, but in many areas of the country, it also gets quite hot. Due to the heat, poor working conditions are the cause of many workers’ compensation injuries and claims, especially in Florida.

High-Risk Jobs During the Summer

Although numerous professions are naturally more dangerous year-round, with other positions, the danger can ramp up during the warmer months. Jobs that carry a higher risk of injury during the summer are usually construction workers, landscapers, and farmhands. Heat-induced issues are among the most common, and it’s your employer’s responsibility to provide safe work conditions.

Most Common Workplace Injuries That Occur During the Summer

The mix of heat and exertion is the cause of many different workplace injuries. A few of the most common are:

  • Heatstroke– A very common condition where the body overheats and loses too much water and salt. Heatstroke is when the body temperature rises to 104 degrees and the body internalizes the heat.  The symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, confusion, headaches, red skin and lack of sweating.
  • Dehydration– When your body loses too much water, and it is not replenished. The symptoms include muscle fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, confusion, extreme thirst, dry mouth, and infrequent urination.
  • Falls– Summer is a great time to get more done, especially in colder climates. If your job includes working high up on ladders or working in construction, the very real possibility of a fall increases.
  • Car Accidents– During summer, there are more people on the road and thus, car accidents typically spike during the summer months. This is going to be especially true during this summer since airline travel will be reduced.  If you drive for your job, be extra careful and report any accidents to your employer immediately.
  • Skin Cancer and Sunburns-  These two go hand in hand when working in the hot sun without proper protection.
  • Rashes & Insect Bites– Other common issues that occur during the summer months when poison ivy, poison oak, and stinging insects are more prevalent.
How to Stay Safe While on the Job

Regardless of your job, your health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance. Below are tips on how to stay safe during the summer months while working outside.

  1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, even more than normal, if you are outside in the sun or exerting yourself.
  2. Wear protective gear such as hats, gloves, long sleeved shirts and pants to cover your skin. Don’t forget to use sunblock on exposed areas.
  3. Take breaks when you feel fatigued.
  4. Find a cool place to reduce your body temperature. Cold compresses on the forehead, and other pressure points can help as well.
  5. Seek medical help immediately if you suffer from the symptoms listed above.

If you suffer from any workplace injuries related to the summer heat, get medical help, and contact your employer at once to report it. You can also take steps to prevent future possibility of abuse. Contact us if your company does not provide safe working conditions to find out your options.

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